Here’s 22 packaging design trends for 2017 and 18…

Want to know whats hot in packaging over the next couple of years? Well I recently came across this terrific blog post by Aamina Suleman, who is a visual design blogger and writes for Think Design who not only identifies the trends in packaging coming over the next 2 years but also included a terrific INFOGRAPHIC depicting 22 packaging design trends.

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Packaging design trends in 2017 and 2018

In her great blog post Aamina Suleman explains that because consumers make an instant buying decisions often based on the purely on the appearance of what the product has been wrapped inside, therefore one packaging on the shelf has the power to make or break your brand image. . Right?

Suleman goes on to say that whilst one may have a great product “but if it’s dressed shabby, no one will want to spend their money on it.” Therefore it’s essential to focus on the packaging design of your product.  In her post she looks at some critical errors in packaging to avoid and also looks at the packaging design trends you need to win the game on shelf in 2017 and 2018.

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Boost Your Brand Image! Packaging Design Trends Prediction For 2017