Hydralyte – Hot Hydration Packaging Design

Hydralyte – Hot Hydration

NPD Packaging Design

Hydralyte approached Jam to assist with designing their NPD product Hot Hydration. This being a new offering in the Hydralyte range, it was important for the design to set itself apart from the core range however still be easily recognised as a Hydralyte product.

To differentiate the product the packaging design needed to clearly show that this product was a hot offering and not the standard format. During the winter months when you’re not feeling the best you don’t want a cold drink, usually you to turn to a cup of a tea or a nice hot soup. Hydralyte were trying to tap into these situations and engage this market by using hand drawn illustrations. They were created to reflect the natural ingredients and the calming nature of the product. Whilst the clean pack space allows for easy navigation and pack communication, especially for the benefits.

The design also clearly communicates the offering it was important that the flavours were clear on pack as Hydralyte’s consumer’s tend to purchase their products based on the pack colour. Bold colours and strong design structure help the pack stand out on shelf. Hydralyte rolled out two SKUs’ in the range Lemon Ginger and Berry Fusion.

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