"You know those moments in your life when things happen as if by magic?
What if you could have even more of that?"

-Henrik Fiskar-

How we work

What we love most about the nature of our work is… the diversity. One day we’ll be developing marketing communications for a multinational corporation, the next we’re developing a brand strategy and identity for a passionate startup. We don’t discriminate. The way we work all depends on you and your requirements. We’ve developed flexible business models to suit your specific needs.

How will this choice create a different possibility for you?


Our clients are more like partners. Your success is our success. We love working with passionate people who have great ideas. We’ll quote per project or per job along with any incidentals that come up along the way. The most effective work is founded upon deep understanding, close collaboration and a strong partnership you can bank on.
We trust our clients and they trust us!


For those clients wanting a continuous stream of work from us over the course of a year or two, a retainer can be a cost effective model. We’ll come to an agreement on a monthly figure to bill, and go from there. This is very useful for those clients seeking on-going marketing support.


Free pitching or working below cost is simply not good business! Like other professions, Jam&Co is made up of talented artisans and experienced professionals who have studied and mastered their craft. Our clients value our specialist services and the high quality work we provide, and we believe that value deserves fair compensation. In the end what you are really paying for are results.
We have been in the packaging and branding design business for over two decades…we know what to do to deliver the results you are looking for.

PITCHING- This video explains it better than we ever could.

More Jam Goodness!

We’re all about goodness, inside and out, both in our work and in our deeds. We love giving back, working with great brands that share our values, making cups of tea, making lame dad jokes (that are secretly awesome), and we truly love what we do. Our team is more like our family and our clients are an extension of that family… Experience the juicyness for yourself.