How Brand Marketers are using AI marketing applications [Infographic]

by | May 28, 2018 | Creating Emotional Connection

This article, will provide you with access to an INFOGRAPHIC which will show you how brands are leveraging AI marketing applications to exploit and enhance their marketing efforts. At Jam&Co we seek to continually provide you with information and applications that will impact your marketing efforts.

Can AI marketing applications really do a better job marketing?

Really? Can machines do a better job at promoting, advertising, and ultimately selling products than a creative human being?

Whilst today a total shift to using AI marketing applications for their marketing efforts seems somewhat futuristic, there are some major brands, manufacturer and retailers, that have already implemented some AI tactics effectively already. They have implemented the use of chatbots, voice assistants, and other smart systems to augment and enhance their marketing efforts.

How some brand marketers are using AI marketing applications

Every day it seems more and more AI opportunities and solutions are finding there way into the marketing space. Artificial intelligence’s influence is being felt in retail as well as manufacturing in multiple new ways right across the entire product and service cycle.

AI is transforming marketers from being reactive to being proactive when it comes to planning and implementing insights from their marketing data. With technological the improvement in the areas of automation of human voice sight and hearing applications, marketers are being provided with with ever improved data and analytics. These Artificial intelligence’s marketers will help marketer’s more effectively plan and execute their marketing campaigns. This will be especially impactful when it comes to segmentation, tracking, and keyword tagging.

AI marketing applications can be found across the may different categories including the following:

  • Payments and payment services
  • Sales and CRM Applications
  • Manufacturing and supply chain
  • Customer service
  • Marketing automation
  • Social listening

Smart Insights, a publishing platform that helps marketers generate leads maps 15 applications of Artificial Intelligence in marketing. These include:

  • AI generated content
  • Smart content creation
  • Voice search
  • Programmatic media buying
  • propensity modeling
  • Predictiveness analysis
  • Lead scoring
  • Ad targeting
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Web and App personalisation
  • Chatbots
  • Re-targeting
  • Predictive customer service
  • Marketing automation
  • 1:1 dynamic emails

AI marketing applications need to become a business priority

At Jam&Co we talk about the 3 WOW’s Brand Marketers need to influence consumers choices (See BLOG POST)

The second WOW we talk about which has a massive influence  on the consumers is the element of “personalisation“. This is the process of tailoring product packaging design to the individual target market or person’s name, characteristics or preferences. Personalisation is an AI primary marketing application. Its one that a business case can be easily created around.

Firstly, did you know that contextually relevant marketing messages makes it more likely that people will buy from you. Brands see an uplift in conversion rates using personalisation. Context plays a major role in personalisation. Contextually relevant marketing messages makes it more likely that people will buy from you (Conversion Rate Optimisation Report). AI driven personalisation has also been shown to increase how much people will spend per transaction.

In a 2014 survey, Econsultancy found that 64% of companies surveyed rated customer experience as the best tactic for improving customer lifetime value. AI marketing applications can improve customer experience and entice customers to spend more at each stage of their journey. According to McKinsey Consulting personalisation has the ability to increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10–30%.

When AI marketing applications go wrong

The more popular AI marketing applications become and are utilised, like anything, the more jaded consumers will become and the less these tactics and techniques will work to engage customers. Remember when we would get personalised marketing emails? Notice that that has become less important.

The above said, the vast majority of Brands have yet to figure out how to use even some of the basics of machine learning to engage and create a personal connection with their target consumer even though these applications are the most cost effective way to predict and shape customer behaviour.

For all the hype about AI and machine learning, there are times when the machine’s get it wrong…Even for the most savvy tech brands like AMAZON.

By clicking on the image below, it will take you to an infographic which will show you how many well known global brands are already benefiting from AI marketing applications.

Whilst AI automation may be difficult to do with your marketing, it’s becoming increasingly important that you as a brand marketer increase your understanding of what is possible.

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