How Brand Marketers Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies (Infographic)

by | May 20, 2019 | Branding with impact

Today’s effective brand marketers know that it is important to incorporate Instagram Stories to multiply their reach and visibility. Here are 30 Case studies including an Infographic to show you examples of how to do Stories effectively.

I recently came across this outstanding post along with its Infographic attached called “How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies (Infographic)” written and created by Alex Slichnyi, community manager at, a savvy SEO specialist.

Whilst the article was written and created last July, I thought it was just as pertinent today for Brand marketers as it was when it was first created (especially if you never read it the first time around).

Firstly, Instagram has become an essential tool to connect with the audience and see the brand’s popularity grow. In addition, today’s effective brand marketers know that it is important to incorporate IG stories with their businesses to multiply the reach and the visibility of their accounts.

Therefore, there is no doubt that this feature is increasingly being used by businesses.

So, to help you find inspiration, here are some success stories from brands that have used IG stories to feature their products’ advantage.

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Sharing the “less glamorous moments”

In 2016, Instagram undertook what was seen as a very bold move at the time. Insta took the best product from Snapchat, (its direct competitor), added its own twist and created Instagram Stories.

The idea behind it was to enable users to share “the less-glamorous” moments of their lives, with the posts disappearing after 24 hours. Above all, Stories can be shot and decorated right in the app.

Thus by offering a pressure-free alternative to the otherwise “perfect” Instagram feed, IG Stories turned out to be the best product Instagram, and Facebook, in general, has offered.

Certainly, it has transformed the way brands share content and do marketing campaigns.

Once considered a Snapchat replica, Instagram Stories has offered incredible potential for businesses looking to build their brand or strengthen engagement with their fan base.

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Stats on Instagram Stories for Business (Editors Pick)

  • As of 2018, there were more than 400 million daily active Instagram Stories users.
  • The average reach rate for IG Stories is around 7.2% of your Instagram following.
  • 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business.
  • The completion rates are highest for Stories of ten frames or less.
  • 1 in 4 Gen Z-ers and millennials actively seek Stories of the products and services they’re considering buying.


Considering these Instagram Stories stats, and these, it’s clear that this feature offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach a broader audience and promote their brand, taking engagement to a whole new level.

In fact, according to Instagram, one in three of the most viewed Stories are from businesses. So, not using Stories could mean you’ll get left behind the competition.

This Infographic will look at Instagram’s advantages when it comes to: 

  • Great discoverability

  • Immediacy

  • Sense of exclusivity

  • Personalisation

The article also looks at how to use IG stories for business, for instance, how the following Brands use them to grow their brands.:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • McDonald’s Malaysia
  • Airbnb
  • Michael Kors
  • and much more.

See the full article and Infographic here