Honest to Goodness® Rebrand

Brand Workshop - Strategy - Master Brand Creation - Packaging - Brand Guidelines


Honest to Goodness briefed JAM to do a rebrand for them. A strong brand starts with strong strategy which is where JAM provided their team with our brand workshop which provided a strong strategic foundation to design from. H2G current brand was lost on shelf causing consumers to have a disconnect of the name to the brand.

Honest to Goodness is a Sydney-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic food & natural food products for the environmentally responsible consumer, the conscious business owner or the family nurturer; all of whom no longer want to accept compromises regarding their nutrition, their health or our environment.

With over 100 SKU’s and a variety of different segments within the SKU list, JAM provided a range of products that differentiate and provide cut through on shelf.

The unique hand-crafted flowing Honest to Goodness typography has a little halo on the ‘o’ and swoosh that emphasises the word ‘good’, invokes the natural, happiness and care the brand stands for. Placed into a unique leaf shape that hints at Australia, it enables the brand to be placed across different segments. A kit of parts with graphic elements and photography were created to form a family but with room for differentiation for the different product offerings.

The base range consists of a simple herringbone background pattern which allows the brand to hero at the base of the bag and was designed to work with a fresh green farm illustration to link the brand to the earth. The pasta range uses simple and clean typography. The colour pallet disrupts the category norm’s by using a washed pastel look and the brand is grounded by two simple white lines. The beauty range is created by the use of a unique pattern linking to water and relaxation. Organic shape and a warm soft colour pallet allow the brand to shine in its simplicity.