Why is it so essential to create high impact packaging design?

Sluggish sales results requires high impact packaging design

Imagine you’re driving down a country road and you see a purple cow standing in a crowd of black and brown cows…What do you do?

Well, if you are like most people, you stop, get out your phone and take a few pics. You may even post the purple phenomenon out on social media.

So if you’re only achieving sluggish sales results with products that are under performing on shelf ….


Get them to the shelf

We know that it’s Marketing’s job to get customers TO THE SHELF, we also know that it’s packaging’s job to get products INTO THE TROLLEY.

The problem is that the average retailer stocks over 40,000 products, so no wonder consumers have learned to tune out and filter as they browse.

The fact is…by the time your consumer gets to the shelf …the packaging standing there is really your last opportunity for you as a marketer to influence them before they decide to buy.

Your pack is your final sales pitch. Your packaging is your silent salesperson. Is your silent salesperson closing the sale?

So considering all you’ve invested to deliver the consumer to the shelf, don’t you want your best and hardest working salesperson on the job?

High impact packaging design – The silent sales person

If you had a choice, wouldn’t you prefer to hire a gun salesperson over an average salesperson?

Evidently, given the choice, you’d far rather select a gun over an average salesperson. You’d probably even be willing to pay more for the gun salesperson, who comes with a proven sales success track record, than you would for an average performer. Why? Because you know you’re gonna easily make up the extra salary dollars with increased sales conversions and less discounting.

Yet when it comes to investing in the silent salespeople on retailer’s shelves, somehow, Marketing and Branding managers opt for average salespeople over the gun. Why is that?


High impact packaging design says “Take me home!”

You’ve got a limited budget… so you have to be extremely selective about where you invest your marketing dollars. Right?

So should you invest in activities which promote and create interest that drives consumers to the retail shelf?  

Or, should you invest your marketing dollars in impactful product packaging, the silent salesperson, which can influence the consumer to “Take me home!”?

Finding inexpensive design is relatively easy these days. There are plenty of freelance graphic designers or cheap design houses that can quickly whip together a few concepts to be shipped off to a Finished Art House and then made shelf ready. But that said…If you require heart bypass surgery, would you want your GP or a Cardiologist to operate?

Obviously you’re going to choose the specialist. You’re gonna choose a professional surgeon who has been educated and has the experience in the diagnosis and pre-op,  operative, and post-op treatment of heart disease. The same must be said regarding the design and creation of packaging that performs on shelf…selling thru and exceeding your hurdle rates.

Because what you get with cheap design is a product pack which is mainstream. In effect, you’ve paid for a brown cow, an average silent salesperson who at best, can only deliver an average result. You see, all too often Brand Managers and Marketers believe they know what it takes to develop a pack that will sell through on the retail shelf. Therefore they only account for a General Practitioners budget when in reality a Cardiac Surgeon’s budget is what’s truly necessary to achieve the results on shelf.

High impact packaging design on a crowded retail shelf

In a crowded market, on a shelf which is jam-packed with “me too” products, if you’re not achieving your shelf KPI’s… and if you are serious about increasing shelf revenue and product sell through, then engaging a strategic, specialist packaging agency is essential.

Would you like to see some examples of how some savvy Marketers and Brand Managers have used limited budgets to achieve huge on shelf sales growth, then CLICK  HERE to see some real life case studies.