“HeR Business – Changing the Strategy, Changing the Name, Changing the Look”

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The Australian Businesswoman’s Network resolved to change its name to HeR Business, to align with the evolving company ethos.

The new name represented a significant revolution for the business as they moved away from connotations of simply being an “association” or a “networking” group. Their clearly defined mission statement spoke a modern international education resource hub for female business owners, who had already gained traction in their businesses and were ready to take their careers to the next level.

Jam&Co conducted a strategic brand workshop for HeR Business to determine the company values & essence.

From the workshop we formulated an acronym for the word HeR that stood for Holistic Educational Resources or Holistic Education & Resources. In the new logo we pushed the ‘e’ upwards with a red underscore to reflect the supportive nature of the female network, which was the the owners primary goal. Bold typography was offset with a softer curve on the R to create balance.