What is engagement? 

The more a consumer engages with a product on shelf the greater the chance they’ll put the item in their shopping basket.

There are so many marketing definitions for the term “engagement“. So how does “engagement” apply to design and how do marketers measure engaging packaging design? Marketers have been trying to recreate the formula of engagement for decades in the context of advertising  product, content marketing, social media, and online just to name a few.

When marketing executive’s talk “engagement” they are generally describing the various types of consumer interactions they deem valuable. In store, these consumer driven actions can encompass measures from consumer brand awareness across the marketing spectrum, to the more substantial measures of stock-turn. So when it comes to packaging design, we define engagement as: A packs ability to cut through and seize a consumer’s attention, and thereby driving a change in buying bias. (*Definition adapted from Marissa Gluck white paper on definition of engagement 2012)

Three core elements for creating engaging packaging design

these questions below are great tools for designers, marketers and clients that they should ask themselves to help create a well rounded, responsive product and design.

1. Package Design
• Is the creative look and feel of the pack compelling?
• Are viewers interacting with the form of the pack in some way?
• Does the design capture the core elements that define the products perception and experience including its texture, colour, usability and it’s images.
• Does the “functional” depiction of the product on the pack captivate the potential buyer’s imagination?
• Does the packaging design represent the authentic character of the brand?
• Does the pack convey the brands story?

2. Packaging Content
• Does the product description on pack grab the consumer’s attention?
• Is the pack content easy and quick to understand and consume?
• Does the pack tell the consumer all they want to know about the product?
• Does the pack convey the value of the product within?
• Does the  product sit in the green sector and if so, does the content and form depict “green” and sustainability?
• Does the content convey trust?
• Does the pack call out the “Reason To Believe?”

3. Audience Engagement

• Does the pack connect emotionally?
• Does your pack answer the consumer’s questions firing inside their head?
• Who is paying the most attention?
• Is the pack contributing to a social conversation?
• Does the pack separate from the competition?
• Does your pack entice, seduce and cause the consumer to fall in love?

Packaging Design Engagement is a measure of three factors:

There’s an old management axiom which states that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” So how do marketers know if their packaging is engaging the consumer? How can FMCG marketers measure shelf engagement other than simply by sales or stock turns?

There are three key measures which determine pack engagement on shelf. These measures are:

1. The consumer’s prompted attention driven by the product packaging on shelf
2. The consumer picking the product off the shelf
3. Time spent examining the product.