• How can emotion be engineered into your packaging design?
  • What is the emotional impact engendered by your packaging design?
  • How can you tell if your packaging design is grabbing emotional attention.
  • How do you create emotional connection with your package design?

What does engineered into mean?

Engineered into means, that there is system specifically designed and constructed to serve a specific purpose.

In the case of packaging design, there is a definite methodology successful packaging design houses use to ensure they get results on the retail shelf . They use proven and tested strategies to engineer emotion into the packs they design.

Emotional engineered packaging design

Encased within the packaging is a product that cant be seen, touched, smelled.  Therefore the package design, it’s message and the visuals on pack both serve to communicate and engender an emotional spark with the consumer. The package design must trigger an emotional connection, evoking memories, desires and an itching to own or try. These emotions must be engineered into the pack.

Strategic packaging design

Strategic packaging design becomes essential to driving emotionality. Why? Because whilst today, anyone can access inexpensive design over the world wide web, it’s the science behind the design that sells. It is the strategic architectural effort upfront that engineers in emotion into the package design.

Strategic architectural design combines both the ‘known’ data (consumer demographics, established brand equities, formulation, feature etc.) and competitive insights along with the relevant ‘felt insights’ and consumer perceptions.

Brandscaping – Clearly understanding your target consumer

To increase demand for your products on the retail shelf requires a scientific approach to designing your packaging.  The message clarity based on your target consumer insights, radically effects how the product will be positioned in the market and on the retail shelf.  Clearly understanding how your target consumer languages their needs, wants, desires and lifestyle preferences all help to identify the customers explicit emotional sensibilities. These same feelings become the requisite for engendering emotional connection with the packaging design.

Armed with these vital consumer insights and market positioning, the packaging designers can then go to work to bring the pack to life. Often this first requires the development of a mood board which captures the product or brand essence. Having captured the emotion in pictures, the designer then has a distinctive colour palate from which to leverage their creativity. This is the upfront engineering.

The impact of colour in emotional engineered packaging design

In August Entrepreneur Online published a great article about the impact of colour on your brand.  Different colours are associated with different feelings. So what emotion does the colour of your packaging design engender?

Access a great info-graphic on the subject by clicking HERE.