“Breaking the Mould of Typical Corporate Branding Cues”

Eclair Group

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Corporate Collateral

The Éclair Group came to Jam&Co seeking the development of a brand. With a background in all things Robotic Process Automation (RPA) the client sought to revolutionise this space and show the true power of automation and the positive impact it can have on businesses.

The new brand needed to be a guiding beacon for the future of RPA. The brand had to be all about enlightening current corporate norms and showcasing the critical business value that can be driven through technology. As such, the brand Jam developed needed to represent this – it needed to break the mould of normal corporate branding cues whilst not steering too far that it would alienate potential clients by being too unique. It had to be different but still showcase, strength, dependability and professionalism.

Provide a Sense of Assurance and Confidence 

The brand we developed was inspired by the conductor’s baton with the accent on the ‘e’ leading and guiding the group. The colours were taken from the brand colour palette and provides a sense of assurance and confidence whilst breaking the conventional corporate ‘blue’ but still maintaining professionalism.

This brand was then rolled out onto their website and all business collateral from business cards & email signatures through to letterheads and PowerPoint templates.