Inspiring home renovators to pain with EasyCoat


Packaging Concept Design

Anyone can renovate!

The DIY market has been experiencing a boom in Australia – largely driven by popular TV shows like “The Block“; “Selling Houses Australia“; “House Rules” and all the home renovation shows on the Lifestyle channel.

However, these renovation consumers typically have a negative sentiment towards painting as they fear the time and worrying about the end result. Both colour and finish. This negative propensity represented a great opportunity for Taubmans to show these inspired home renovators that Taubmans EasyCoat was the brand to help them through this painting journey “easily“. 

A new ‘fun loving’ look and feel

Jam&Co was tasked with revising and redesigning the existing EasyCoat brand to improve on-shelf performance and drive an uplift in sales. A new look and feel was developed which injected energy & fun into the packaging with a large emphasis on lifestyle and the joys of painting to help dispel the target’s fears.

In order for the pack to be an on-shelf success we needed to develop a positive emotional connection. We did this through the feeling of ‘fun loving’.

The design showcases images on pack which are full of movement and joy, in conjunction with bright positive colours.

You can do it!

The design also needed to help the consumer feel confident in their decision. We created a lockup for the feature & benefit information along with the critical sheen and base information to aid the consumer’s education and subsequently decision making.

The final result is a pack that oozes that sense of being young at heart. The design is easy to differentiate across the range and helps to make it easy for consumers to get started with their painting project.