FMCG Magazine article: Making dry the new fresh

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

You too can make ‘dry’ the new fresh – FMCG Mag article.

On the 2 November 2017,  FMCG magazine published the article written by Jam&Co on why “dry” or ambient food is the new fresh.  The key elements of the article, which can be read in it’s entirety HERE, are listed below:

  • The rise and rise of “Fresh”
  • Processed food has become increasingly unpopular
  • Convenience is killing the weekly grocery shop
  • Fresh at a price
  • The price we pay for fresh
  • Increased shelf life can still be “fresh”
  • Does “fresh” really have to be fresh?”
  • False fresh isn’t fresh it’s just fake
  • Making dry the new fresh
  • Wearing your heart of your brand on your sleeve
  • Have you lost your way?
  •  Will you miss the “fresh” movement?

Read the complete FMCG article HERE