As packaging designers, we at Jam&Co we believe that brand honesty and authenticity is the only truly defendable brand position. Brands and package design that tell a genuine and honest story resonates with consumers. Marketers are all looking for a cut through edge on shelf could be well served going the “HONEST” route. People believe in honest brands.

In reviewing the 2015 trends in package design as determined by the Dieline, all four of the trends lean heavily on the honest category.

The four trends for this year in packaging design as described by the Dieline are:

  • 1 Visual Authenticity
  • 2 Luxury of Less
  • 3 Ultra-Pure
  • 4 Biobased packaging

Does your packaging tell an honest story?

All four of the above package design trends tell an “honesty” story. They do this by peeling back the pack and brand to its unadulterated roots. Going back to basics is now a prevalent consumer aspiration. Quality and luxury are now demonstrated on pack by pure, stark, highly minimal and stripped back to the natural essence of the product. Honest package design now shows a “precise” lack of precision, displaying the imperfection of real human involvement in the development of the product. The unrefined and perceived amateurish nature of the packaging design is often denoted by hand drawn and simple illustrations all indicating the opposite of gross excesses.

What consumers look for.

Today’s consumers are looking for real. They want natural. They want to trust and emotionally connect to the products and the brands that they consume. This is why Bio-based packaging is resonating on shelf. Customers want pure, honest, and environmentally responsible, carbon footprint reduction products and packaging.

Both consumers and designers are now more aware of the environmental impact of packaging and look more and more to sustainable packaging options. To create emotional connection and on shelf demand your brand and package needs to whisper genuine honesty.