In our visually saturated marketplace your brand needs to stand out. When every product has thousands of varieties to choose from, it becomes the job of the product packaging to grab and hold the consumer’s attention. The way the pack was designed, the unique shape of the pack, the look and feel of the package, could very well be the one reason the consumer select one brand over another.

Package design requires boldness. That said there is a big difference between boldness and recklessness. “Bold” only really works in conjunction with authentic insights.

So what is an authentic insight?

An example of an “Authentic Insight” may be the trends of a particular category.Ie: The trend of “artisan” in food. “Bold” is a single-minded proposition stating something specific about the product or what it contains, and then harmonizing with the expectations and personal dispositions of the particular consumer the package design is created for.

The silent seller

Packaging is the vehicle that defines the products personality. Packaging design acts as the “silent salesperson” fighting for attention on product shelves daily. Your pack must capture a consumer in the less than 3 seconds. Therefore your package design needs to boldly stand out against its competition by exhibiting distinction making it pop in it’s category.

“BOLD” packaging has been used to grab consumer attention almost since it’s inception. So what actually is “BOLD”?

“BOLD” is defined as…

The word bold emanates from the old English “beald,” which was used to describe warriors who were “bold, brave, confident and strong.”

Today “bold” is used to depict someone or something that shows a willingness to take risks. BOLD is someone or something that demonstrates both confidence and courage.

When it comes to design “BOLD” describes the article as one that is striking or conspicuous to the eye. BOLD package design  could be flashy, loud and garish depending on the authentic consumer insights. Alternatively BOLD could also be depicted as classy, luxurious and “swankingly resplendent”. The BOLD design shakes off the usual limits of conventional thought or action tearing down its boundaries with imagination.

A great example of BOLD is the tried-and-true practice of using high contrast. Black & white packaging is a powerful yet simple design device that creates contrast and on-shelf attention. Many current packaging designs of new and thoughtful brands use this limited colour palette with an extra striking colour across the range to bring a distinctive brand look and feel across all platforms.

In a saturated marketplace where your brand is fighting for attention, battling to stand out and seize the consumer’s attention, authentic BOLDness becomes a key element for on-shelf packaging design.