Jammin the Category

From a consumer’s perspective, the supermarket shelves are awash with products which all look very similar. How do marketers make their brand stand-out? How can they use disruptive packaging design to “shake-up” the category? GenY consumers don’t hold the same reverence for brands that GenX and Baby Boomers do, so how can marketers get customers to choose their product off the shelf. Then, how can they engage directly with their consumers to create brand loyalty. If marketers can’t demonstrate brand loyalty for their products, then supermarkets have no reason to display those brands and can easily supplant them with their own Private Label products. At Jam&Co we call this disruptive packaging design, “Jammin the category”. In the book, Private Label: Turning the Retail Brand Threat Into Your Biggest Opportunity by Keith Lincoln, Lars Thomassen, the authors suggest that the only way to have your product noticed on shelf is to break the unspoken rules of the category. They suggest three fundamentals for successful disruption.

  • The rationale to do so
  • Feeling like its the natural thing to do
  • The 3 key elements of a product on shelf:

3 key elements of your product that must be looked at to ensure a break-away disruption of your category.

  • 1. Look
  • 2. Form
  • 3. Function

The role of the disruptive marketer is to consider each of these 3 elements and determine which one your product can disrupt, should disrupt and can afford to disrupt.

The 5 Jam’s of Disruptive Packaging™ Design.

At Jam&Co we review the 3 key elements of a product on shelf through the lens of what we have determined are the 5 Jam’s of disruptive packaging design™.

  • 1. BOLD: In our visually saturated marketplace your brand needs to stand. The packaging design  must grab and hold the consumer’s attention. It needs to be bold. The difference between boldness and recklessness is understanding that boldness works when based on authentic insights.
  • 2. HONEST: The only truly defendable brand position is an authentic one. Potential customers can spot a brand that’s over promising from a mile away. Authenticity speaks volumes. Brands that tell a genuine, honest story resonate with people. People believe in honest brands. The packaging design needs to call out to HONESTY!
  • 3. GREEN: A dynamic trend that is influential in packaging design acknowledges the growing consumer awareness of environmental issues. Sustainable pack design means taking the long view. It’s about making choices today that balance the three p’s—people, profit, and planet—to create a greener future.
  • 4. CLEAR: What is your essence? What makes you different from other brands? If you look at some of the most iconic brands on the globe, they send a clear message about what makes them different. Once you decide what makes you unique, your entire brand and package design must be focused around this.
  • 5. LOVED: Emotional connection is a powerful way to link the heart of your target market with the soul of your brand. This connection is the degree to which your customers care about your brand beyond its rational attributes. It is more psychological than logical and more unconscious than conscious.

Unlocking the unrealised emotional stock of your brand

To disrupt your category in a meaningful and sustainable way that doesn’t just smack of “fadism”,  we believe that the unrealised emotional heritage of your brand must first be unlocked.

To do this we:

  • Deconstruct why you love your brand, understanding it’s core essence.
  • Communicate that feeling back to the consumer you want to attract.
  • We apply our 5 Jams of Disruptive Packaging™ design process to unlock the unrealised emotional stock of the brand
  • Build the unrealised stock into a magnetic connection, effectively transferring the emotion to potential consumers.