Digital printing is having a huge impact on the packaging design market. Today’s digital printing technology allows designers and brands to produce high quality packaging on a variety of formats and materials on digital presses. The improved technological developments and lower costs of inkjet and electrophotography mean that, where applicable, packaging designers should be recommending digital printing solutions to their clients.

Digital Printing Solutions for Brands and Designers

Digital printing solutions allow our brands to take advantage of the lower costs resulting from digital printing’s capacity to produce a wide variety of shorter print runs economically. For those brands committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, shorter runs also have the added advantage of minimizing the brand’s environmental impact because printing on demand means less waste. Designing packaging with digital printing in mind ensures new packaging or differences in graphic designs or changes in ingredients can result in a lesser quantity of redundant stock. Designing packaging with digital printing in mind means that the brand also improves its overall sustainability profile because of the reduction in solid waste generation; greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of water and power.

Designers should be really excited about the flexibility that digital printing provides for them to express their creativity. Digital printing allows for more personalized communication with consumers with varied messaging and visual components, whilst still staying on brand and adding no additional cost for the client.

4 Competitive Advantages for Brands Using Digital Printing Technology.

1. True one-to-one communication with digital printing

Digital printing allows for true one-to-one communication with full colour variable data and messaging. This allows for highly personalized and customised seasonal promotional offers as well as easily testing of new formats without having to generate huge print runs. This method of variable design taking advantage of digital printing technology has a significant impact on print cost management whilst elevating the consumer’s experience.

2. ROI

Return on investment from using digital printing technology, should be evaluated across the business as opposed to a direct correlation with design and printing costs. The agility & customised messages for specific consumer groups has meant the impact of digital printing can be felt across the brand from supply chain to waste management. It has been proven globally that tailored messaging of products to the various needs bases of specific consumer groups has a direct correlation to an increase in sales, new customers and subsequent brand expansion. Prior to digital printing this would have caused mayhem for a business; increased plate costs, an increase in working capital across packaging, as well as an increase in proofing costs. The advent of digital printing has meant marketing can now use custom messaging and actually provide a cost saving to the business, whether this be through a reduction in packaging storage costs, or a reduction in packaging working capital. Whatever the business benefit, digital printing allows for more robust ROI reporting across a wider variety of business units and not isolated to function specific KPIs.

3. Using Digital Printing to Own The Consumer.

Traditional paid marketing relies heavily on above the line marketing strategies. These marketing mediums are often saturated and challenging to get cut through to the targeted consumer. Traditional paid marketing methods are also hard to measure effectiveness.

With the ever increasing growth of social media, owned media channels, which are easier to measure, are also becoming progressively harder to gain traction. Today’s savvy marketers and brand managers are beginning to leverage consumer exposure that comes from earned media. They are taking advantage of the promotional publicity and exposure gained through digital printing’s ability to create one-to-one communication on the retail shelf. Marketers are leveraging their packs on shelf as direct communication channels with specifically targeted markets. Packaging design is now not simply about pretty pack on shelf, rather it has become a marketing tool with direct contact with the targeted consumer.

With the level of ROI tracking available as a result of printing digitally , means that brands are able to quickly identify if a campaign is effective or not and easily pivot, making improvements where appropriate to improve the campaigns success.
Earned media now becomes measurable where it counts…at the checkout.

4. Research Capabilities of Digital Printing

Digitally printing short runs allow for true market place testing at the register, where it really counts. Satisfying consumer needs is best done by figuring out what appeals and engages best with the consumer. Traditionally this research is conducted with focus groups, surveys, online panels etc. This new printing technology will allow the Brand and Category Managers to test various designs on shelf allowing the consumer at the retail shelf to decide which design is most engaging and end up in the shopping baskets.

4. Specific Packaging Personalization

Gen X, Y’s and Millennials are no longer loyal to specific brands. That said, digital printing will allow Brands to target and drill down to specific and relevant markets, demographics, language and interest groups. Digital printing can speak directly to the target group’s “language and motivations”, thus increasing engagement and ownership.

Leveraging the opportunities digital printing

From a packaging design agency perspective, the package design agency’s role is to consider how to take advantage and leverage the opportunities digital printing offers to maximize shelf output. Packaging designers should be looking at digital printing as an effective tool which can add real value to the brands they work with.

• Short & long term focus.

Digital printing solutions mean that packaging designers need to look to designing with both a short term and a long term objective in view. Innovative designers and packaging strategists need to look for opportunities to design for multiple variants across a single SKU (Example: 1 SKU – multiple different labels.)

• Responsiveness.

Being able to respond rapidly to the latest news. EG: Allowing a brand sponsors to incorporate winners onto packs the day after they win a sponsored tournament.

• Designing For Trust.

Design to target individual demographics creating authenticity. Designing packaging using the idea of developing localized special editions.

• Brand evolution.

Using frequent changes of pack design to ensure the brand continually evolves and grows organically with changing market needs.
At Jam&Co our strategists and designers understand how to design for digital print. We have the skills and dexterity required to leverage the value impact of digital printing for our clients. One of the strengths of the Jam&Co design team is that they are both capable and have the flexibility required to respond quickly yet still resolve the design effectively.

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