Digital developments that can make or break your marketing strategy

by | May 13, 2019 | Branding with impact, Infographics telling the story visually

Technology in the digital age is in a state of constant progress. As marketers, it is your job to keep up with the changes and digital  developments that can make or break your marketing strategy. The tools that you use, the channels that can deliver the best results, and the behavior of your customers are always shifting. Experience had clearly shown that when it comes to digital marketing strategy, what works today won’t likely be as effective tomorrow!

Innovation is key

If you look at the tough competition across various industries, you will see why there is a need for innovation every year. This 2019, you will find how some digital marketing trends remain, but others have made their presence known for the first time.

From Josh Wardini of Serpwatch comes an insightful and timely infographic that will guide you through 7 different channels and the way they changed the digital landscape. From them, we have gathered some useful tips to help you nail your marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Pay Attention to Mobile Marketing

Having taken a large share of the market, mobile marketing does not show signs of slowing down. Many users are consuming content and accessing information through mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets.

If you want to tap the huge percentage of mobile users, it is important to optimize your website and other digital channels to mobile use. Make sure that your content, including the images and links, are properly displayed across all devices, whether your visitors use desktops or smartphones. Even your ads and landing pages can benefit a lot from mobile optimization

Failing to optimize your digital channels for mobile use can mean losing customers who will find broken images and texts frustrating. By taking steps to make your site mobile-friendly, however, your audience will know that you care about them enough to provide them with a great user experience.

Integrate Video in Your Content Strategy

More and more people are checking out products and services that they like by watching videos instead of reading text-based content. While your content marketing strategy is still a huge part of your marketing campaigns, it is also wise to integrate video marketing along with killer content. Videos are entertaining and engaging, encouraging customers to interact in real time and stay on your page longer.

But videos today are no longer confined to product ads, demos, and tutorials where the content is produced in studios and given a big budget. Thanks to social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it is now possible for small businesses to create their own video content without breaking the bank.

Live streaming and publishing stories cultivates a deeper connection with the customers who appreciate real-time updates and behind-the-scenes footage. It makes them feel closer to the brand they’re following, hence, increasing engagement and improving conversion rate. Videos are also a magnet for traffic, with statistics showing how this type of content can drive a whopping 57% of traffic from search engines.

Make Your Customers Needs a Priority

While it is all too easy to keep your eye on the prize, especially when it comes to acquiring online traffic and increasing your sales, it can be detrimental if you lose track of the main target for all your marketing endeavors—your customers.

No matter how aesthetically beautiful your website is or how greatly written the content that populates your blog and social pages is, when you do not put the customers first, all will come to nothing. Everything you do must consider the needs and expectations of your customers. Even something as simple as an easy navigation design for your website can impact the way your customers perceive your brand.

Make it a point to provide your customers with the best experience, from fresh, valuable, and relevant content to email personalisation. You will come a long way if you keep your customers on top of your mind.

Learning about the complex yet exciting world of digital marketing does not stop at these useful tips.

Check out the infographic below and explore the digital marketing trends that can make or break your strategy.