DIELINE trend report 2017

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What’s in THE DIELINE  trend report 2017?

Grab your copy of the DIELINE trend report 2017 report in a PDF.

Each year, THE DIELINE, and THE DIELINE AWARDS, examine the state of the industry and the state of the times, and forecast the what they see as the key packaging design trends for 2017. Get the PDF of the DIELINE trend report 2017.

DIELINE trend report 2017

According to the DIELINE trend report 2017 report, “Shopping trends and the dominant visual design elements develop hand in hand. They are the method and the message. The way we shop determines the requirements for the structural elements of a package, setting limitations and creating opportunities. Visual design elements then play a role in accentuating the highlights of the experience and articulating the emotion we feel at first glance and touch.”

In this special DOWNLOADABLE trend report, The DIELINE  trend report 2017 analyzes the 5 visual  packaging design trends referencing specific case studies that they believe define design in 2017. The report then extrapolates the learning’s form the 5 visual design trends and explore what the DIELINE trend report 2017 has pegged as the 8 emerging consumer shopping trends. These are the trends The Dieline believes impact how the consumer experiences and interacts with a product. This in turn suggest the Dieline, will shape how packaging is conceived and designed.

This DIELINE trend report 2017 covers:


1. Nature: Idealized

2. The Past: Idealized

3. Less: Idealized

4. Innocence: Idealized

5. Identity: Idealized


1. Purpose

2. Peace

3. Consumer-Centric

4. Experience

5. Uniqueness

6. Personalisation

7. Brand-Centric Extensions

8. Social Connection