Developing a compelling product pack that sells is a highly complex process. To the uneducated eye it can seem that packaging design is simply the process of creating a “pretty” or “disruptive” packaging design. However nothing can be further from the truth!! Creating compelling packaging design is a combination of multiple marketing disciplines. 

Much more than a great product [example]

Recently, an impressive entrepreneur came to see us here at Jam&Co to see if we could revitalize his product packaging. He had developed a highly effective organic protein powder but had been given consistent feedback that his pack needed to work harder. Having already spent what was for him, a start up, a considerable amount of money on his branding and pack development, he was disappointed to find that, without him present, his pack did not sell. As great as his product is, it just wouldn’t sell on its own. “When I am in a retail health shop demonstrating my protein powder, sales explode. Yet the moment I leave the store, sales slow to less than a trickle. I’m tired. I want to develop more products and grow my business but I just don’t have the time because I’m too busy selling.” This example is not unique. How many companies have worked their butts off to finally get on shelf in a Coles or Woolies (or any other retailer) only to have their products languish on shelf and not achieve their “hurdle rates.” Even after all their efforts, they end up being DISCONTINUED. Great products maybe, but in fact they never stood a chance. Why? Because their product packaging wasn’t effective enough to sell from the shelf on its own. “But it’s a quality product, customers love it!” is a phrase we hear so often. Here’s the truth… If the consumer doesn’t engage with your product on the shelf in the first place, it will never end up in the shopping basket. If the product doesn’t make it home it won’t get consumed. If it doesn’t get consumed it won’t get finished and repurchased… no matter how wonderful the product is!!!

Compelling packaging design

Sure there are many who can create a “pretty pack”, but if you are reading this article you aren’t looking for just pretty. You aren’t even looking for “disruptive”. You want results. You want sales. You want your product pack to deliver your brand message directly to the consumer. It has been well documented, proven in case study after case study, across all categories from alcohol to cereal, from paint to headphones… great packaging design sells.

Effective packaging design is grounded in both art and science. This means that compelling packaging design is a function of the packaging designers ability to blend sophisticated research and analysis, reshaping it into visually stimulating and shelf disrupting design. This takes multiple skillsets and experience.

The multi- disciplines required to deliver compelling packaging design.

Of course it’s expected that your creative design house has the creative talent. That’s a given! However when it comes to designing compelling packaging that delivers required outcomes… you also need a design team that has the experience and ability to clearly understand human behaviour and translate it into their design. You need well honed, proven skills and experience to be able to target specific consumers in a fresh, compelling and engaging way.

Compelling packaging design, (packaging that delivers a predetermined outcome), requires the the expertise of multi-marketing disciplines.

  • Strategic planning
  • Brand development
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Data mining
  • Psychology
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Graphic design
  • Industrial design
  • Art
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Project management
  • And more…

Fusing science and art

Compelling packaging design is a collaboration of two very opposite disciplines, science and art. Packaging design that delivers the required outcome demands the combination of artistic, emotional and strategic thinking. Delivering high impact packaging design requires the delicate management and fusion of strategic thinking with the beauty of great design. There is a SYSTEM to generating compelling packaging that sells, and it all starts with the consumer. This fusion of science and art ensure that when designing packaging you are considering not just the overall look of the design, but how a consumer is going to experience it in the retail environment and at home.

So whilst it may make short term financial sense to put your pack in the hands of an inexpensive, “pretty” graphic designer, like most things in life there is a price to pay.  There is no free lunch. You get what you pay for.

The value of compelling packaging design

Astute business people recognise that more than ever before, product packaging is a brand’s best opportunity to prove itself as a valuable consumer touch-point. Compelling packaging is the least expensive and most important piece of the marketing mix. It’s where marketers and business people will get the biggest bang for their buck. It’s the commercial vehicle that lasts the longest and has the greatest impact. This is however, only true when the pack has been designed strategically, fulfilling both the emotional and functional expectations of the targeted consumer.

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