Designing Packaging with the end in mind

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End-in-mind Strategy – designing with the outcome at the heart of everything 

In this step all departments of the agency are involved to ensure that we are always designing with the end in mind.

The process and relevant forms are detailed below:

  1. Initial Internal Briefing. An internal project meeting with Account Service, Design and Production to review, discuss and thoroughly understand the brief and all specific information the client may have provided. This includes but is not limited to; printing requirements, dielines, substrates, use of images & photography.
  2. Alignment Meeting. Should the project team identify any potential areas for concern we will then host a meeting with all relevant stakeholders including internal Jam&Co team, client, Pre-Press agency & printers. The desired outcome of this meeting is to ensure all parties are “on the same page” and printers/pre-press agencies are aligned and brought on-board right from the beginning of the project.
  3. Reverse Briefing Session. Internal Jam&Co team to complete template 1.2 in our own words plus complete template 1.3 as a checklist. These two forms act as a Reverse Brief capturing the outcome of Step 2 and our interpretation and conclusions of the brief, thus ensuring complete alignment.
  4. Agreement. This Reverse Brief will then be sent to the client and followed up with either a face-to-face meeting or a phone call to ensure final alignment prior to moving into design.

To learn more about the Jam& Co end-in-mind packaging design process click the link.