Design Experiment: How effective are cheap design alternatives?

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Creating powerful and effective Corporate Design Communications, Strategically thinking through the design process

Earlier this week   from, a popular designers online magazine posted a powerful and thought provoking article. In the article she posed the question: Is it possible to commission a decent logo from one of the many cheap design alternative platforms available today? What I loved about Angela’s article is that she actually commissioned a job by setting up an invented company whose sole product she called “Cat Crunchies”

“Cat Crunchies” Design Experiment

The options for generating graphic designs are plentiful today. There are any number of websites and freelance platforms where, for a nominal fee, anyone can easily commission a logo or even create one themselves by choosing from a kit of icons and typeface options, mixing and matching to their heart’s content. But, other than cost saving how effective is this as a means to achieving a memorable result? Is there really a difference between the “el-cheapo” model and hiring a specialist who commands the high prices. Well Angela’s article goes a long way to demonstrating that in the field of design, you definitely get what you pay for

for her real market test, Angela created a Job specifications, a Description of the Business, and an Expectations Brief. In this article you’ll be able to see exactly what came back as a result.

The exercise was by no means meant as a critique of the talent or abilities of the people assigned to the Cat Crunchies project. Rather, it was more of an illustration of the basic fact that all marketers must never forget: all design is about communication and vision.  You can read the full article HERE