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Cleaver’s have been working with Jam since 2017. Our relationship started with a redesign of the brand and packaging and the challenge in those days was the large variations of formats – MAP, Thermoform, Cryovac Shrinkpouches, Sleeves, Stickers & Labels – specific & generic and of course the types of printing – digita & offset.

Fast forward to 2022 with a large range of organic products out in the fridge aisle, research led to them needing a refresh of their branding and packaging design. Jam was briefed with assisting to make the packaging design a lot easier to navigate in the fridge and clearly communicate the benefits of their products.



With this new design there were also new print processes being introduced and Jam had to ensure that the brand assets weren’t being impacted so on shelf it stayed consistent and strong.

The refreshed brand and packaging design rolled out across Organic Beef, Lamb, Chicken and pre-packaged ready meal products. Check them all out below and if you’re in need of a refresh or need some assistance with staying relevant on the shelf get in touch.