“From packaged meat products to pre-packaged meals “



Pre-packaged meals 

  • Packaging Design
  • Photography

Cleavers love organic products and want to move away from just packaged meat and into pre-packaged meals.

Meals which are organic and have strong appetite appeal, providing the consumer a cookbook styled meal.


A range of pre made meals

Cleavers saw an opportunity to launch a range of pre made meals especially as consumers were wanting more convenience when it comes to meal time, but at the same time…not wanting compromising on quality.

The inspiration for the meals came from traditional favourites, like Lasagne along with more on-trend meals such as Beef ribs. Consumers not only want convenience, they also want organic options, adding taste and flavour to their family meals.

Cleavers Lasagne

The photography needed to show strong appetite appeal, while still communicating the importance of the organic message. 

The imagery was enhanced with the use of a wooden background, adding to the whole naturalness of the product whilst still promoting the deliciousness of cookbook quality.

Cleavers Beef Ribs

A strong emotional connection was necessary to connect the succulent Beef Ribs with the rustic pan and all the sauces in it.

Consumers needed to understand the product was easy and convenient and being organic was full of favour.

The wooden bench endorses the naturalness of the product. Native Berry and BBQ flavoured ribs adds to the romance of these new and improved Beef Ribs.