In June 2016, Tom Dougherty, President and CEO of  Stealing Share , wrote an article called “Breakfast cereal and the breakfast food market“.

Because of Jam&Co’s focus on natural and organic packaging, we felt this article was profoundly important to anyone interested in the breakfast market place. So we developed an info-graphic summarizing the key elements of this very relevant article.

The article includes the following insights:

  • A brief history of breakfast cereal and breakfast food market
  • It explains the research that has been conducted on the breakfast cereal market, highlighting the impact on those loaded with sugar. It explains how those brands are losing market share to a whole host of competitors: Yogurt, breakfast bars and even fast food.
  • The article also goes on to explain how the cold breakfast cereal category is in danger within the breakfast realm, because of the fact that today, families rarely sit down together to eat cereal for breakfast.
  • The article also explains how yogurt is growing rapidly, having taken a 40% share of the US ready-to-eat breakfast market.
  • The separation between “healthy” and “sugary” cereals has remained intact.
  • Cereal bars and toaster pastries are among the bright spots of growth in the breakfast food category.
  • Granola bars, energy bars, protein bars and cereal bars are a major growth area in the breakfast food market
  • and much more

You can access a PDF version of the the Breakfast cereal and the breakfast food market[Info-graphic] by clicking HERE or…

You can read Tom Dougherty’s full article by clicking on the link to the article HERE