Branding Agency

As a Branding Agency, we believe Brand identity is all about really discovering who your brand truly is and what it stands for.

Brand identity is how you want your business to be perceived by consumers. It’s what makes you instantly recognisable to your customers.

Carefully crafting your brand essence. We ensure it authentically represents the business…is what we do.

Your brand’s essence is one of the most valuable assets of your business.

A strong Brand Identity will:

  • Set you apart from your competitors.
  • Improve your brands awareness.
  • Demonstrates the brand promise.
  • Establish synergy across communication methods and touch points.
  • Servers as an employee motivator .
  • Attracts active targeted consumers

Branding Agency

You need a solid Branding Agency

Because… if your brand’s going to achieve greatness, your brand identity has to be solid. Your brands essence must connect emotionally with your employees and customers alike.

Your brand identity must include elements such as:

  • colours,
  • design,
  • name
  • logo,
  • symbol and tagline.

That said your Branding also involves intangibles such as thinking, feelings and expectations. Trust, certainty and security are a sample of emotions you might require your brand to demonstrate.

Brand identity is…

Brand identity is the face of a brand. Your brand is an emotional and even philosophical concept brought to life. Your brand identity is the visual component of a brand representing those philosophies.

Your branding identity’s message portrayed by its components must be clear. This clarity must be consistent across all touch-points, no matter where it’s displayed.

Jam&Co are a specialist branding strategy agency. Our strategic branding process works to unlock all of the unrealised potential of your brand.

As a branding agency we have a proven success record for over 20 years across a wide range of industries.

We have worked with FMCG companies, hardware and a vast array of corporate and industrial clients.

To prove our worth, here is our range of case studies.

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