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If you don’t have an emotional connection to a brand – you don’t have a brand. You have a logo. And while there are places for logos at Jam&Co we specialise in brand design.

What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

You might ask what is the difference between a brand and a logo? A brand design is a collection of thoughts and feelings that you have about a brand. For example; someone might say “I love Mercedes” or “I love BMW”. Both of those brand designs are prestigious and luxury car brands and create strong feelings and visuals in a person. It’s not just the brand mark that you think about it’s all the other feelings that go into creating a brand through many touchpoints over a period of time.

The same could be said regarding Woolworth and Coles – again, it will
create a strong feeling when you think of both these brands. How many times have you said to someone, “where do you shop?”. On most occasions they can say, “Oh I love Woolworths, I wouldn’t shop anywhere else. Why you ask them?. Most of the time they can’t really pin point why. It’s a feeling. Same with Coles, I love Coles, Why? I love the feeling of the store? I don’t know why… maybe the music. Again, I don’t know I just love Coles.

These are all examples of strong brands.

Branding Agency Sydney
Brand Agency

So what is a logo?

A logo has little to no emotional connection. It is a local plumber, a corner shop, a butcher and maybe even a local builder. These businesses don’t usually invest in a branding agency to assist with them creating a brand design. When a business is a certain size they might consider then to invest in working with a branding agency

How do you create a brand?

At Jam&Co we love creating brands that have strong emotional connection and we do that by firstly by working out what your brand stands for

 – what are the functional drivers and the emotional drivers. We usually hold a workshop to unearth these drivers. Every brand design is different, and every brand has one unique asset that allows them to differentiate between their competitors.

At Jam&Co we find out what that unique thing is, and we develop the brand from that point. I know it all sounds a bit secret squirrel, but I don’t want to give too much away here. Just to say this process works. We have found over two decades of working with and on branding, the companies who invest in branding design, get results with overall sales and connections. Once we develop the brand design, we then roll it out onto all touchpoints.

Touch Points? So what are they?

Touch Points are what you apply your brand to. They are every part of the brand design that interacts with the customer. For example; Say you are a large appliance retailer. We have created a brand for you and now it’s time to roll it out. Firstly, you must get into the head of the consumer you are talking to. 

How do they interact with the brand? What touch Points are they associated with?

Packaging – including what’s inside the box
Product brochures
Advertising i.e. catalogues, bus shelter’s

How often should I update my brand?

Over a period of time a brand can lose relevance. Sometime this happens with a market change ie new players come into it with a different offering. Sometimes the brand hasn’t been supported. In any case, at Jam&Co we are here to give you the best advice for your brand. We are not the type of branding agency that change for changes sake. We would do an assessment and give you an idea of the type of changes you should make. Sometimes it will only take a small tweak to allow the brand to come to life again. Other times it might take a major revamp.

Brands are living and breathing and believe it or not have a soul. They connect on a daily basis to your loyal customers. As a brand custodian you have a duty of care to nurture them, enabling them to grow and flourish.

At Jam&Co we love brands. Does your brand connect emotionally? Does your brand need some love?

If you need help with brand development, brand refresh or rebranding, contact us – we’re a branding agency who can help.