How do you differentiate in an already saturated market?

Be Natural Granola & Nut Bars 

  • Brand Refresh
  • Packaging Evolution
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography


Jam was asked by Be Natural to review their existing packaging design because the product was not performing on shelf.

The primary issue being faced was the ‘fragmented shelf”. This meant the the consumer could not find the Be Natural product nor the variants. In addition the current pack showed little to no appetite appeal.

Jam re-looked into the hierarchy, simplified the brand and increased the size of the product shown on the pack.

In addition, photography was undertaken to create appetite appeal and serving suggestions.

Believing in the authenticity of the product

The colour used on the packaging were strengthened and brightened. The client wanted to stay with one clean and clear message per variant. The benefit was housed in a bright rectangle devise and grounded next to the bowl.

This allows the consumer a strong reason to believe the product is authentic.

Strong blocking on shelf, clean and clear hierarchy.

A strong graphic device of a landscape coloured panel was developed to hold the Granola Cereal bowl and therefore in turn create strong blocking on shelf. A similar treatment was created for the Nut bars. An organic oval device was used to house all major communication allowing the bar to be hero’ed on the pack.

A warm hue was created overall by the use of “Buff” which added to the overall blocking on shelf.

The overall result was strong blocking on shelf, clean and clear hierarchy.