Non GMO Logo designed by Jam&Co for Australian Organic Group

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In August 2016, the Australian Organic Group launched it’s own Non- GMO standard for the domestic and international market. The Non GMO Logo was designed by Jam&Co for Australian Organic Group.

The AOG  entrusted Jam&Co with this assignment because of our deep understanding of the organic space as a result of all the work we have completed in the organic packaging design space. (See our work here)

ACO non GMO logo_RGB_2COL_NG-Yellow _sm

You can read the full “Launch of Australia’s First Globally Recognised Non-GMO Certification” article HERE

NON GMO Standard

According to the ACO, the purpose of this Non- GMO standard for the domestic market and Certification Program was to provide companies with an independent certification service. The whole idea was to create a body that verifies that those organizations wishing to show off their Non GMO bona-fides have been certified with regards their procedures and products to exclude genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and derivatives of GMOs, as far as is reasonably possible.

Because recent surveys conducted in the USA , show that Non-GMO certification is considered (in some-markets) to be more important in consumers’ choice than organic certification. The research also demonstrated that consumers don’t understand that being certified organic is Non-GMO and so much more. So for this reason the Australian Organic Group will only be allowing their new Non-GMO certification to be used in combination with Australia’s most recognised organic certification symbol, the Australian Certified Organic “Bud” logo.

You can read  all about

Australia’s First Globally Recognised Non-GMO Certification HERE

The reason for the new standard

As a result of the increasing awareness and interest in the community as to the importance of GM (Genetic Modification) technology, as it relates to health and environmental issues the Australian Organic Group  believed it was essential to create a standard to  protect consumers. Typically GM technology is often promoted as a solution to some of the major health and environmental challenges facing our society, and as a result of these promotional efforts, consumers have been assured by the proponents and regulators of its safety. As a result there’s been a growing demand from consumers around the world for labeling of produce as containing GMOs, or derivatives of GM technology. You can access a PDF COPY OF THE STANDARD and MORE INFORMATION HERE.

The Non GMO Logo designed by Jam&Co

As for the logo, the Australian Organic Group wanted something fresh, exciting and symbolic, and this ultimately led Jam&Co to develop a logo featuring the Honey Bee (the logo for which you can see above).