Simple formula for articulating uniqueness

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One of the biggest challenges Brand Marketers have is articulating uniqueness of their product.

Until and unless you have determined and articulated your products uniqueness its very difficult to grab attention on the retail shelf.


If your design agency or designer doesn’t have a CLEAR idea of the products uniqueness, they are designing for, they will find it very difficult to design a pack, or a brand for that matter, that stands out in a sea of sameness.


Articulating uniqueness of your Big Idea


In his outstanding sales book, Pitch Anything, Oren Klaff delivers a short sharp formula which he calls the “Idea Introduction Pattern” which we use with great effect to get our clients to articulate their products uniqueness.

This model is attributed to Venture Capitalist Geoff Moore and was developed back in 1999.



Articulating uniqueness of your product is not a matter of listing all your features, benefits and advantages. Its not even specifying why its so different from that of your competition. It’s really about:


  • Who the product was designed for (demographics and psychographics)?
  • Being clear on why the product was developed.
  • What problems its solves better than anyone out there.
  • What is the unique “secret sauce” ?
  • Why and how the secret sauce works better than whats available out in the current market?


The “Idea Introduction Pattern” for articulating uniqueness.



So here’s the formula for articulating your products uniqueness: 


  1. Who is the product for?(Target Audience)___This is for customers who…….
  2. Why are they currently dissatisfied with the current offering _____The current offering doesn’t deliver the following:…..
  3. The new idea is ______(The new idea is …..because………)
  4. This new product provides ________( Key features that solve  XYZ particular problems………)
  5. Unlike competing products that only _______(Unlike competing products that only deliver/provide……..)
  6. Our new product ______(Describe key features and their benefits.


Heres an example: 


Let’s look at a fictitious example of coconut oil. 

The latest superfood on the block, coconut oil has grown immensely in popularity over the past couple of years.


Coconut oil is the multi-purpose cooking product which whilst adding an exotic flavour to your cuisine, coconut oil is organic, vegan and gluten-free, its flexible enough to be easily taken taken from the kitchen to the bathroom to be used for for healthier hair, softer skin and whiter teeth.


Using the Formula


So how do you use the articulating formula to differentiate yourself in this popular market and gain shelf prominence. (Articulating uniqueness)


Magictious Coconut Oil (Fictitious Name)

  1. Who is the product for?(Target Audience)___This is for customers who……want a multi purpose product that is as pure and natural, from the highest quality source. this is because they not only want to cook with it, they want to use it to nourish their skin, hair and it’s also to be used for oil pulling so it will need the softest of subtle tase .These customers already understand the health benefits of this superfood  but want a purer and untreated in any way, natural organic form.
  2. Why are they currently dissatisfied with the current offering _____The current offering doesn’t offer a high quality, organic, non tasting, option that can be used for both cooking and bathroom requirements.
  3. The new idea is ______The new idea is non taste and non smell because for many users the smell and taste can be off putting………)
  4. This new product provides ________Key features include – highest standard, cosmetic grade, cold pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil that has been extracted in such a way that it leaves zero smell or zero taste without altering the bio-chemical structure of the naturally harvested product.
  5. Unlike competing products that only _______Unlike competing products may bleach or deodorise the product buy altering its chemical structure, Magictious Coconut Oil high speed, unique trade marked dark room, proprietary production system, utilising cold press extraction as it removes both the smell and the taste, leaving a ubiquitous, multi-purpose highest grade coconut oil without bleaching or deodorising. 
  6. Our new Magictious Coconut Oil _______is carefully pressed and bottled in the dark and the dark glass bottles reduce exposure to light which impact its natural chemical structure.


Therefore unlike the majority of competing products that offer organic, extra-virgin mild, unrefined and unfiltered coconut oil that still has a coconut flavour and aroma, Magictious Coconut Oil cannot be duplicated because of our proprietary extraction process.

It also means that  its harder for customers to switch out to a competitor product because they will all have a “taste” and a “smell” unless they have been bleached or deodorised un-naturally, spoiling the natural chemical structure and effecting the health benefits of the product.

Here at Jam we often have to help our client Brand managers articulate the uniqueness of their product/s and we will utilise the above formula as a template to assist in the uniqueness articulation process.

Secret Sauce



Do you know what is your secret sauce is? – Do you know how to clearly articulate your unfair advantage? Do you know how to articulate your uniqueness? 

Contact us to discover how we can help.