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So, what does advertising consist of in today’s ever-changing landscapes when you are wanting to engage with your target market? At Jam, we focus on the following:

  • Billboards
  • Print advertising for magazines
  • Bus advertising
  • Bus shelter advertising – really any out-of-home advertising

We also do online banner advertising and social campaigns but if you want more information about that you will need to click on the social tab.

At Jam we love nothing more than bringing your brand to life. An extension of your brand is advertising. Advertising brings the magic to life. Imagine driving along and seeing your brand “starring” in an outdoor advertising campaign. It’s exciting and most of all solidifies a strong memory structure in the minds of your consumers.

How you communicate the brand and how it engages with your target market is the brand.

Just like being in a supermarket and having to connect with your consumer in 3 seconds – Advertising you have 8 seconds to connect with your consumer. Does your business meet the eight-second rule?

The eight-second rule means people passing by can understand your message in eight seconds. If not, then billboard advertising might not be the best option. Getting your messaging right is fundamental in creating a great campaign.

So what else do you need to create an advertising campaign that works? There are 6 “have to have” when you are developing a strategic advertising campaign.

  1. It must capture attention

  2. Be bold

  3. Conveys your message

  4. Is memorable

  5. Entertaining

  6. Emotionally compelling

The potential impact an ad campaign can have on consumers is undeniable: they can’t turn it off as they would a TV or change channels like a radio station.

In fact, OOH is 382% more effective than TV, 200% more effective than print, and 63% more effective than radio in driving consumers online.

Questions to ask yourself when planning an advertising campaign.

Questions to ask yourself when planning an advertising campaign.

  1. Who am I trying to target?
  2. Where is my client base?
  3. Are you branding? Launching a new product or service?
  4. What is the timing of the campaign?
  5. What is the budget for your campaign? (Needs to include site rental, production, installs, creative).
  6. How will you measure the success of the campaign? 

Stats: Did you know?

  • 78% of Australians notice Outdoor Advertising each month.
  • Drivers spend 7.5hrs in the car making on average 10 trips weekly.
  • 88% say brands on billboards stand out.
  • 74% Of Australians see Billboards every day, several times a week.
  • On shopping trips, 76% of drivers are relaxed and open to finding out about new products and services.
  • 72% of Australians travel on roads to and from work.

So yes, billboards still work. Despite the popularity of digital marketing, billboard advertising still holds value in brand awareness and spreading vital information to your target audience.

Like I said in the beginning, advertising is an extension of your brand marketing mix. If you don’t have your brand assets, brand drivers, or brand tone of voice worked out – best talk to Jam before you go down the track of advertising. Because everything needs to be aligned before you start.

Advertising is a powerful tool – it can connect your brand, product and audience in a way that you never thought possible.

Coming up with an engaging tagline and memorable creative is what we do best at Jam. So let us show you something magical today.

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Advertising Agency Sydney
Advertising Agency

At Jam&Co we provide the following services:

Packaging design refresh
Range extensions
New product packaging
Category review
FMCG Packaging design

Food photography
Food styling
Point of Sale material
Retail advertising campaigns

And remember, we’re experts at FMCG packaging design – take a look at what we’ve done for our clients.