About Us

What do we stand for?

We stand for emotional connections. Connection leads to considered design. Considered design leads to brand success stories. Brand success stories lead to long term relationships.

What if there’s something greater than you ever thought possible?

Who is JAM?

We’re a team of designers, strategists, artists, writers, big thinkers, dog lovers, digital natives and fun lovers committed to helping brands grow and get noticed. Basically, we’re a diverse bunch of passionate individuals. We like to think it’s what keeps us creative and looking at things differently.


Across the team we’ve got specialist experience in strategy, branding, packaging, internal communications, print & digital communications.

We truly love what we do and do our best work with brands that share our values.

We’re here to help you overcome whatever roadblock you need solving. We’ll partner with you from beginning to end.

We’ll challenge you, we’ll explore possibilities with you, we’ll create solutions for you that make you go “Wow!”

Come open to the whispers of possibility and experience the magic for yourself!

What are our values?

To be Fun and a little different.

Be Curious and Courageous.

Be Transparent and Honest with all relationships.

Create a team of positivity and family spirit.

Be magical and deliver WOW.

Embody Intuition, Connection and Collaboration.

Who is Jen?

Jam&Co Design was established by me, Jennifer Segail.
Jam&Co is an independently owned, Australian agency.

After working in the design industry for over 20 years I decided to set up Jam&Co – I wanted to create a creative hub of excellence, provide big agency thinking, with a personal boutique feel. To this day the branding and packaging design business still excites me and I am grateful that every-day is different.

When you engage Jam you work with me – of course not just me. I always say there is no “I” in team and really believe that creating, is a collaborative effort.

The agency is run with a flat structure and I love everyone to be included… to have a voice. LOL mostly to compete with me – I have been told I’m not that quiet. That said, I do love to listen so I can connect with what a brand is trying to convey to their target market.

A lot of time it’s what is not said in a brief that is more important than the brief itself.

Listening is more important than talking

I am passionate about working with brands creating something amazing, to bring brands to life – they all have a voice. I call it Emotional Connection – Emotion + Connection.

My values are all about being approachable and collaborative, authentic and honest. With a down to earth attitude. I thrive when I’m working with companies and individuals who see me as an extension of their team.

I’m a blend of strategy and creative which I have been told is rare – to me it’s just how I roll. I can see the overall vision whilst applying creative thinking and the rest is the magic.

I love to laugh and do my best work when I’m having fun! I call it a feel-good flow.

I believe anything is possible, and love working with clients…who love working with Jam.

Why work with JAM?

We’ve seen and been through a lot and what we’ve come to realise is that life’s far too short to waste it not doing the things you love.

We approach all our projects with a mindset of “what else is possible?“

When you choose to work with JAM it means you’re not just choosing an agency. Rather you choosing a contribution partner. A contributor with a vested interest in, both your individual well being and your branding too.

We listen to you and seek to understand how we can make your life easier beyond just completing a project.

What if change could be that easy…

What if you were just scratching the surface of what’s possible?

Would you be willing to give it a try?

Let us show you something beautiful today.