There are 7 major reasons why your current packaging design is losing money. Poor packaging design, meaning design without an effective on-shelf strategy costs companies millions of dollars in lost sales.

 7 reasons why your current packaging is losing money.

  1. The outcomes for the on-shelf results you need from the pack are unclear and are not clearly communicated to all individuals involved with the packaging design.
  2. No on shelf sales strategy – The key to effective package design is all in the strategy. This is where the real magic happens as per previous blog post – Strategic Packaging Design
  3. Not clearly illustrating the solution to the consumers problem. All products have been designed to solve problems. The pack should clearly demonstrate the solution.
  4. Determining then leveraging the emotional connection with the consumer. It’s been estimated that over 50% of a purchase experience is based on emotions. “Emotional connection” is about capturing the consumers’ heart. How the consumer “feels” about a particular brand or a product determines their opinions and their buying decisions.
  5. Clearly understanding and communicating the products USP. Packaging design must have a stand out Unique Selling Proposition which stands on it’s own with it’s own recognizable, distinctive attributes and USP as opposed to being lumped in with the USP of the brand.
  6. No plan for achieving the visual goal of the pack design
  7. Inability of the sales team to sell in the strategic design to the retailer. When sales is unable to communicate the strategy behind the pack design, the retail buyers will often put their own spin on the design and design by committee will always deliver dismal results.