60% of packaging recalls are caused by human error.

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According to Esko’s market research more than 60% of product recalls are caused by human error.

Packaging design is a demanding and technically complicated process which encompasses graphics, fonts, artwork layer, cut-lines, folds, scan, orientations, text, images, print, bar codes, key design elements etc. All of these  requiring abnormally high attention to detail and subject to human error.

It’s easy to conclude that such a complex process requires both high degrees of accuracy and precision, in order to create optimal packaging in the production process – without mistakes and unnecessary additional outlay costs for companies.

Manual Inspection – The culprit of complete recalls

Although in the last several years we have witnessed a great revolution of automation tools and quality control software which has become an inevitable part of the package production process; a great number of companies are still not using benefits of the technological advancements.

Instead of embracing and exploiting all the possibilities modern packaging quality control can assure, many companies are still implementing manual packaging inspection and the results are often complete label recalls due to human error.

Often, there are process errors, inconsistencies and systematizing errors that can occur when the production process is incomplete or conflicting, which leads to errors in the product packaging content.

60% of recalls are caused by human error

Outdated manual processes can be a source of errors, especially if we are talking about specific industries such as the pharma industry. Pharma packaging design often contains small and complex details and much of the product information is often printed in small dots and bar codes. The manual inspection of these products is highly inadvisable.

As experience has shown, manual packaging inspection is ineffective and risky – and the consequences of such mistakes make it obvious that in order to reduce the cost and optimise the production process, it is time to move from manual mode to automation.

According to Esko’s market research, more than 50%of product recalls are related to the labeling or packaging artwork, while more than 60% of recalls are caused by human error.

The quality of packaging and cost reduction should always be priority topics. Companies need to keep striving for efficient production and consumer satisfaction in order to establish a good market position.

One of the ways to improve the production process and optimise ROI is automation of the production process.

Automation Technologies  

Automated technology enables companies to implement a quality control software which is integrable  with other systems and hardware so that at each stage of the production, inspection is implemented via software tools and printing inspection hardware.

The quality control software includes text inspection, Braille text, spelling, artwork label, data integrity, pixel proof, packaging print, graphic inspection, barcode inspection, icount, quality control inspection preprint and print.

The best investment any company can make for the future of a business is to invest in professional packaging design. In today’s competitive market, only companies that invest in innovative producing processes can count on the market primacy as well as maintaining that position.

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