6 things I wish brands really understood about me… their customer

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Uncategorized

6 things I wish brands really understood about me… their customer. 

  1. Brands don’t understand, I’m capable of making my own choices – Stop trying to sell to me. I will make my own decisions and they won’t be based on your laundry list of features and benefits. Your poor attempt at a TVC where all I hear is “buy me, buy me… NOW”. Your even poorer attempt at integration with an overt product placement in my favorite TV show. Just stop. Have the belief that I am an individual who can think & feel. Show me what you stand for. This is far more appealing to me than your out-dated marketing tactics.
  2. Brands don’t understand, will respect you if you’re authentic – Don’t pretend to be a healthy option if you’re full of sugar. Don’t try to sugarcoat (pun intended) your claims by focusing on the safe topics and hiding the rest. Just say it how it is and trust that I know my body and will buy what I want, not because you’re low in carbs. Likewise don’t pretend to be a small handcrafted brand if you’re actually a giant. I’ll eventually find out and it won’t end well for you.
  3. Brands don’t understand, you try to be all things to all people it doesn’t work – you think I don’t notice? That you play it safe? Making sure you don’t polarise me, my partner, my parents, my brother, my next door neighbour. Just in case they might buy your product? It’s desperate. Stand for something you believe in and trust that the sales will follow.
  4. Brands don’t understand, believe it or not I’m not going to buy your competitor just because they have a claim on pack that you don’t? Do you seriously believe that this is how I shop? By reading the laundry list of features and benefits on pack then deciding what I like best? No. Of course not. Because I’m an educated human being who is living in a first world country. Yes, they play a part, but they’re certainly not the sole driver. Less is more if you ask me, otherwise I just turn away. I’m busy and don’t have time to sit there and read a novel in the shopping aisle.
  5. Brands don’t understand me …really.  How much do you really know about me? Where do I enjoy spending my time, money and attention?; Where do I tend to hang out? Who do I already trust? What groups am I a part of? What problems do I tend to search for online for answers to?
  6. Brands don’t understand that their love of what they do shines forth from the shelf. Do you really love what you do? Your excitement feels forced. Your “KPI achievement” seems to be more important than actually making a difference with your products. Do you light up when you talk about your brand or the products you put on the self for me to buy? Because whilst your product offerings are ‘good’, they aren’t ‘irresistible.’ Your marketing and packaging all feels bland, too safe, stale and all too often over-hyped. It feels to me like you’ve simply run out of “fresh ideas” even though you probably feel like you’ve tried everything to engage with me, I’m just not feeling it!

If your target customer isnt “feeling it”, maybe it’s time to “Jam it!”