6 of the most common branding blunders to avoid

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Common branding blunders

To avoid the most common branding blunders and help you to navigate the ongoing challenging process of building and sustaining your brand for your company, Hubspot put together a terrific and simple, easy to read blog post where they listed 6 of the most common branding blunders to avoid. The suggest you avoid them at ALL COSTS!

Hubspot’s article references the infamous Colgate example of branding-gone-wrong and points out the immense impact branding has on how a company’s actual products are received. So as the article points out that even though the Colgate frozen entrees may well have been absolutely delicious, however without proper branding, the product ended up as a major flop. A great example of “what not to do!”

The Hubspot article names the following 6 Branding Blunders to avoid. You can read the complete blog post HERE

6 Branding Blunders Undermining Your Image

1) Inconsistency Across Different Platforms and Mediums

2) Relying Too Heavily on Design Trends

3) Straying Too Far From What Made you Successful in the First Place

4) Attaching Your Brand to the Wrong Things

5) Not Thinking About How Your Brand Will be Received Globally

6) Using Copy That Doesn’t Accurately Describe Your Brand


Read the complete article HERE