[Slideshare] 7 step packaging design process

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7 Step packaging design process [SlideShare] (CLICK THE LINK ABOVE)

This SlideShare deck is based on the earlier post of the 7 Step Packaging Design Process.

  Today’s retail environment is like a boxing ring where brands duke it out and compete to win the consumers attention. With less an 3 seconds to grab attention and engage with the consumer to ear the right for further examination, your product pack has some heavy lifting to do. With so many competitors in every category on the retail shelf, if your pack fails the 3-second test, it will likely get passed over in favor of a competitor or not get noticed at all. The pack design must charge the consumers desire to discover more about the product and ultimately have them buy the product and put it into their shopping trolley. The 7 step packaging design process outlined in this SlideShare will help to give you a broad understanding of what’s required to make sure your product gets bought.  

Ian Segail our GM Operations (not design) ? put together this SlideShare based on the earlier post of the 7 Step Packaging Design Process as a quicker and easier way to view the Blog post and because he said it will be good for our SEO ?