2017 Packaging Design Trends

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What are the 2017 Packaging Design Trends?

To take advantage of the opportunities presented by the emerging 2017 Packaging Design Trends, it’s essential your brand reflect the current societal culture’s needs and wants.  Does your packaging engage and empower your targeted consumers by addressing those issues important to them? Just as consumers tastes and social more’s change on an ongoing basis, so too must your product packaging keep innovating to keep up to date with the insatiable demand for “what’s new?

Make or break on the shelf

Packaging designs have the power to make or break not a brands image but also on-shelf sales too. One of the most important, and often overlooked, marketing strategies for brand success is to ensure you have a package design that is dynamic. Your packaging needs to not only entice consumers, but also engage and empower them to become brand ambassadors. Your consumer need to be carrying your message long after their purchase.

Consumers typically make instant buying decisions. Decisions which are often based on the appearance the products packaging. These consumer desires are reflective of what they are being exposed to at the time. Exposure via their social media portals, what’s in fashion,  and above the line advertising.

First impressions still count…

No matter what the fashionable trend, even the best, quality products poorly dressed-up, won’t get consumers buying it. So brand and product sales success are in many respects, totally dependent on the packaging design of your product.

  • What does your product look like on the retail shelf?
  • How does it stack up against your competition?
  • Are your products and how they are packaged reflective of the current trends in your category?

As the saying goes…

There are 3 types of people in this world…

  1. Those that lead from the front and make things happen,
  2. Those that follow and what has happened
  3. Then there are those that ask: “What the heck just happened?

Your brand representation on the retail shelf is no different. Here are some of the Packaging Design Trends for 2017 you’ll need to to be aware of to lead from the front.

There are nine 2017 Packaging Design Trends according to the folks over at 99 Designs – CLICK HERE to view.

The 9 Packaging Design Trends for 2017 as predicted by Martis Lupus at 99 Designs

1. Simple, bold and clear

2. Custom lettering

3. Wild color

4. Repeated patterns

5. Illustration as narrative

6. Put it in the mail

7. Ingenious die cuts

8. Vintage inspiration

9. Eco-friendly packaging