15 telltale signs your packaging needs to be reinvigorated

by | Jun 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Here are 15 clear telltale signs that determine whether your packaging needs to be reinvigorated.

To identify whether changing your packaging is necessary or not, (at a minimum) you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

What are the most telling signs your packaging needs to be reinvigorated or refreshed?

1. Does the pack feel stale or outdated … does it feel blah?

2. Does the brand identity and pack language no longer accurately reflects the business?

3. Does the product pack still resonate and draw in your target audience?

4. Is it still clear about what makes the product inside so special?

5. Is the pack cluttered and no longer visually appealing?

6. Does the pack project the image you still want for your company?

7. Is the product being re positioned?

8. Has the main channel, through which product is sold, changed?

9. Is the product matured or is preparing for growth?

10. Have you recently changed the packaging, but the market hasn’t noticed?

11. Are you losing market share with increased pressure from rival competition?

12. Has the market trend shifted leaving your product behind?

13. Have you found your value proposition to be no longer converting sales?

14. Is your sales team finding it hard to open and secure the right opportunities for the product?

15. Are you finding that the product communications and messaging are no longer aligned to the brand re position?

You can get more in-depth detail by reviewing the [SlideShare] –  A 40 point packaging redesign checklist