The Secrets of Branding.” BBC TV Show

Foxtel is currently running an eight series TV show called “The Secrets of Branding.” The show is a BBC business series offering insight into some of the world’s top brands. The Secrets of Branding looks at how brands are made whilst also exploring why some brands succeed and why others fail.

In the fourth episode “Marketing”, a segment was devoted to the power of packaging. Whilst the information presented in the TV show may not necessarily be new to the experienced marketer, it does bear being reminded of some of the basics that we may have simply forgotten over time.

Here are 11 key packaging insights from the show that brand managers should take note of:

  1. 80% of all purchase decisions are made when the consumer is browsing the products on shelf.
  1. Effective packaging is critical to marketing because it can take an otherwise anonymous product and make it stand out from the crowd.
  1. Packaging is one of the critical tools of retailing and merchandising.
  1. Packaging expresses what the brand wants to say.
  1. Colours evoke an emotional response. There is a whole psychology behind colour. See INFOGRAPHIC to determine if your packaging is creating the emotional connection you want to evoke with the consumer.
  1. In a cluttered market, brands need to differentiate themselves and stand out with their packaging
  1. For marketing to work and for consumers to display a brands logo (symbol) on their person, they have to believe in the integrity and the company.
  1. Regarding your brand; Any amount of an expensive advertising campaign, any amount of broadcast “stuff” that marketers uses to try and shape the consumers thinking is a complete waste of money if the company is not going to live up to their brand promise.
  1. Create and emotional connection with your packaging that excites a response.
  1. Use your on-shelf position to create buzz and “talk-ability.”
  1. Great brands know and completely understand their target consumer.