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with your brands, your audience and with each other.
What else is possible?

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Why Choose Our Packaging Designs Team

Whilst winning awards for great packaging design and brand creation is great for the ego…What you really want are product sales.

You want your branding and packaging design agency to have the ability to get under the skin of your brand, your brand story and your target audience. Then you want them to be able to translate your brand and product message into an emotional connective product pack that outsell its competitors on the shelf (whether it be online or through traditional retail).

That’s what we at Jam&Co do!

We work with our clients to come up with the best possible branding and packaging design solution. A solution that will not only “ambassador” your brand, but one that will work hard for you to stand out within your category and sell.

Our Latest Work

Check out our work and see how we transform the mundane to the deliciously delicate.

Our Clients

We are a boutique brand consultancy & strategic design agency under one roof specialising in Packaging Design.

Our approach makes brands emotionally distinctive, setting them apart from their competitors, driving sustainable growth.

At Jam&Co we deliver big agency process, strategy & creative with the responsiveness, care & flexibility of an owner operated design agency.

Brands that we have worked with over the years:


Our Points of Difference

At Jam&Co we build WOW into your packaging design and your branding… So you sell more.

You have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab your targeted customers attention, have them go WOW! and put your product into their shopping cart. Those are tight odds!

Effective packaging and branding design must invoke the “WOW! Check this out!” response.

At Jam&Co we create our designs around the 3 key characteristics of WOW!

The 3 key characteristics of WOW!:

1. Surprise and delight – Break your targeted FMCG customers’ preoccupation and grab their attention in a crowded market by creating, “Surprise and Delight” to get cut through on the shelf.

2. Personalisation – Your target customer wants your brand and product packaging to “speak to me directly”. Speak to me like you really know me. You know what’s important to me in my life. Help me to connect emotionally and believe your product was created specifically for me.

3. Share-ability – When your design has touched the consumer, they’ll be delighted to share their product experience via their favorite social media platform. This is below the line marketing at it’s best!

Together with you, let’s create your next WOW. Let’s trigger all five senses, engage and grab your customers attention.

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