Only 23% of customers are still brand loyal-[Infographic]-Where has all the brand loyalty gone?

According to a B&T post on the 28th of  August, only 23% of customers are loyal. The study by Rave Reviews (US study)and subsequent [Infographic]-Where has all the brand loyalty gone?, said brand loyalty is almost dead.

That said, the benefits of this [Infographic] point out that the lack of brand loyalty, levels the playing field for consumers. There are some brands we still remain loyal to, like the obvious ones , such as the Google’s, Amazon’s and Apple’s of this world. The [Infograhic] also points out that when it comes to brand loyalty, we’re most likely to be loyal to our mobile phone providers, clothing brands and particular health and beauty products.

Check out the full results of the Rave Review study in the [infographic] Where has all the brand loyalty gone? HERE.