Ian Segail
Operations Manager


Describe yourself in a sentence or random collection of words.

Strategic sales focus, innovative, caring, outcome focused, great coffee hunter

What’s your best dad joke?

A proud new dad sits down to have a celebratory drink with his father – “Well son, now that you have a child of your own, its time I gave you this” Handing the son a dog eared copy of “1001 Dad Jokes – 5th edition” “Dad” says the son. “I don’t know what to say…I’m honored.” “Hi Honored,” replies the father” I’m dad”

Where did you grow up and what did it teach you?

Johannesburg, South Africa where I lived – That racism is fear and that we all come from the same source

What are some of your favourite brands you’ve worked on?

Breville, Rebel Sport, Darrell Lea, Microsoft, Sheridan, Freedom Furniture, General Pants Co.


Sales Strategy, Sales process re-engineering- Sales and marketing efficiency systems.

Ian is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sales strategists and authorities on sales and sales management for over 17 years.
Ian has been supporting both small and large B2B and B2C sales organisations to increase sales consistently, faster and at higher margins.

Working as a sales strategist with numerous Australian and NZ sales organisations, Ian is skilled at setting up & implementing proven sales
processes and robust selling systems ensuring more sales at lower costs.

Ian has written a number of books on sales, sales management and how to increase sales from the retail shelf.

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