Cielo Green
Office Dog

Cielo Green

Describe yourself in a sentence or random collection of words.

For those wondering why I have a profile… I’m the Jam team mascot, lifting spirits wherever I go! I’m loveable, cheeky, an apple & yoghurt fanatic, and will do whatever I can to secure that next belly rub.

Where did you grow up and what did it teach you?

I was born on a beautiful farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland! I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. It taught me that companionship should never be underestimated but you also need to always have fun!

What are some of your favourite brands you’ve worked on?

I haven’t worked on brands per se but I do provide unconditional love to my team and help with the stress levels on those crazily busy days… sometimes I do get under peoples feet which doesn’t always turn out well for me but it’s a sacrifice I have to make. Let’s be honest everyone’s paws get stepped on every now and then.


I’m a brilliant relationship builder, laugh generator, smile finder and cuddling companion.

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