Bazaar, Breads of the World

Packaging Design with a lifespan of 8 years on shelf.

Bazaar Breads wanted to capitalise on growth in their market by increasing visibility in-store and providing interesting alternatives to everyday meals. There were several challenges that needed to be overcome when designing the packaging:


  • Retaining the heritage of the existing Bazaar Breads brand identity but still developing it into a modern & sophisticated brand
  • Educating consumers on how to use these breads at a time when these breads were not mainstream
  • Creating a strong family across the range of Bazaar breads that would standout on shelf


The resultant designs answered all of these challenges. Standout on shelf was created utilising a black panel, when these designs were launched black was not being used at all in the market. The modern deli style pack created a sense of perceived quality as well as providing effective blocking on shelf. The Bazaar Breads brand heritage was retained through it’s recognisable logo which we refined and positioned in a prominent position on the packs.


These packs have stood the test of time with designs being on-shelf from 2006 – 2014. Bazaar’s Breads pack designs had a lifespan of 8 years on shelf.. Not bad for a one time investment.

Bringing it into the mainstream
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