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Emotional connection is a powerful way to link the heart of your target market with the soul of your brand. This connection is the degree to which your customers care about your brand beyond its rational attributes. It is more psychological than logical and more unconscious than conscious.

Have you ever noticed how agency websites love to use phrases like: “immerse ourselves”; “packaging experts”; “we put your brands at the heart of all we do”… all the buzz words that are designed to convince you they understand your needs like no one else can?

Well we have, and we also know you’re smarter than that. You won’t be wooed by fancy phrases, because you know deep down the only things that matter are the dollars, the work and the service. That’s why we’ve made a point of excluding any fancy phrases from our website and focusing on what’s important… Jam good design work (we can’t resist a pun). So if you’re a tea lover why don’t you make yourself a pot or a cup (pending your daily intake) look through the below to see if there’s anything here where tea & Jam could solve your conundrum.


We all know any successful project is founded in research. It’s the cornerstone of great design work, (and you thought it was just the creative spirit). We need to understand who your audience is, how they shop, what drives them to purchase and what makes them choose your competitors over you. We always do our homework like good little students.


Hmmm this wonderful term Brand Identity… its’ had a few names over the years, brand strategy, corporate identity and the one that started it all… logo development. What a bunch of industry buzz phrases. But if that’s the general consensus then I guess we’ll have to roll with it. In short, it’s discovering who your brand is and what it stands for. Let’s be honest, if your brand’s going to achieve greatness, your brand identity has to be solid.


Packaging design… sounds boring? Yes? No! You should have said no. Packaging design is so much more than just the pretty pictures and colours on your favourite block of chocolate. It’s the subliminal messages you send to consumers; enticing them, informing them, and convincing them your brand gets them. The best part? It’s all done within 3 crucial seconds in a supermarket aisle. THAT my dear friend is the challenge. A debate is open to those that disagree.


Let’s be honest… everyone knows what graphic design is. Heavens, not only has it become a subject at school you can also get a degree in it. And yes we know what you’re about to say, that we can obviously do graphic design if we are packaging design experts. But not so fast! We wanted to make sure that you understood all the other graphic design things we can do for you: – Stationary – Branded collateral (think coffee cups) – Signage – Illustrations/Renders – Brochures… the possibilities are endless!


We know what you’re thinking… isn’t this just graphic design? No, it’s so much more than just the gorgeous personification of your brand perfectly showcased on the Internet, making it seem familiar yet informative. Of course website design is all of that, but you need to know how your users navigate through your website. What information do they want to see first?  How do you keep them on your site for longer? How to convert consumers into customers? We know the answers.


Again, you’d think point of sale would fit under graphic design, and in truth part of it does… but we thought we’d spell out the parts that aren’t to make it easy for you. We design point of sale (POS) with the big retailer restrictions in mind because we know the ultimate goal is to inform and convince consumers to buy your product (that’s the name of the game!) meaning you won’t ever be sacrificing great design for a customer demand.


Arr copywriting… what a wonderful term, they’re the wordsmiths of the world, the poetic geniuses that turn mundane phrases into the extraordinary! Enough said.


A picture is worth a thousand words – or so the saying goes. What stories are your photographs telling? A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages – all of which are important elements in telling your story.


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